Licenciatura en Gastronomía - Chef


Duration 3 years
Built to S.E.P.

iwc replica watchesAgreement number: ESLI20061401
Toll Free Languages.

Syllabus: Quarterly

Initiation of semesters:

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The International Culinary School breitling replica watches mission is to educate in the dining area under strict standards of academic excellence and professional ethics, people who by their management to improve production level of service companies, covering the application, to obtain a competitive advantage globally and contribute to sustainable development. While making a rational, effective longines replica watches and efficient use of its human, natural and financial.

The academic program seeks the development of the student as a person and professional through interdisciplinary training in the humanities, sciences and arts during the three years of cartier replica watches the course and the student's involvement in extracurricular activities within and outside the university.

ASME B31.1 font-family: Arial,Tahoma,sans-serif; color: #85631f;font-style:italic; font-weight:bold;">VISION

The International Culinary School future is conceived as a private educational institution specializing in human resource training for the operation and management of food service, dedicated to higher education and delivery of audemars piguet replica diplomas and courses in the same service area, displayed as a vanguard institution and the pair of the best schools in the world to train the best professionals in the dining area to meet the requirements demanded by the restaurant industry.


Train professionals under the principle of the highest quality of service in the dining area that meet the requirements of demanding the food and restaurant industry in general, so their educational model is based on the construction of knowledge, promoting a balance between theory practical and extensive internship program. The values ​​that are pillars of our educational philosophy have to do with:

  • Leadership.
  • The ability to work under pressure.
  • Creativity.
  • The ability to work in teams.
  • Responsibility.
  • The appreciation of the quality of work.
  • Respect.
  • Loyalty.

Values ​​that are reflected in our educational purposes aimed at:

Prepare professionals to promote and convey our culinary traditions within and outside the country.

To train professionals with a high level of quality, measurable by international standards and that will lead to achieving our goals of creativity, perfection and service. Human form with human and social consciousness in the application of skills and culinary skills.

To train professionals with the ability to optimize financial, human and technological resources in their workplace.

Train professionals that are highly competitive and priced in the labor market and abroad.

Graduates with their social contribution will:
Providing innovative educational methodology proposed face, consistent with the interests and expectations of the omega replica watches community of learners, taking into account the socio-cultural changes that have occurred.

Participate with high national and international competitiveness in the field of gastronomy, with technical and administrative skills that include a high responsibility, human quality and service available.

Chefs join teams of trained and updated on the latest trends in kitchen and global food culture.


Because the International Culinary College,

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has created a kind of teaching characteristics; personalized and appropriate to the needs of their students, it different from most institutions with similar characteristics.


Because their managers have over twenty five years of proven experience in the international education industry.

Because in our School of Gastronomy, combines the latest technology culinary engineering with "knowing how to teach" their world class teachers selected.

Because we offer professional practices of learning (Internships) yet professional control. This gives the opportunity to our students, to know the workings of a professional kitchen from the beginning.

Because we have a pool of over 250 families willing to host our students attending from other cities or abroad making your stay more enjoyable, safe and comfortable.

Because the international gastronomic College developed an internship program, social services and job search that allows students rapid integration into the labor market, meeting all requirements requiring high global competition.

Because the College was able to combine international gastronomic quality experience with providing its students the best teachers in first class facilities.

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ASME Y14.5margin-bottom:10px;font-size: 12px; font-family: Arial,Tahoma,sans-serif; color: #000000;">The objective pursued by the creation of the Bachelor-Chef Catering provided by the International Culinary College, is to contribute to the training of professionals in the provision of the national food service. With this degree, it is intended to enable students to integrate into the labor supply of high quality in everything that involves food service in hotels, restaurants and businesses or as an entrepreneur in the field of gastronomy through his own business.

  • Microbiology of food and health.
  • Basic Bakery
  • Product Identification
  • Culinary Math
  • History of Gastronomy
  • Ethics
  • Ingles I
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Advanced Bakery
  • Basic Cooking
  • History of Mexican Cuisine
  • Academic Skills
  • Ingles II
  • Public relations
  • Basic Seafood
  • Intermediate Cuisine
  • Food and Beverage Control
  • Cocina Mexicana I
  • Food Chemistry.
  • He chef as Administrator
  • Ingles III
  • Middle Seafood
  • Advanced Kitchen
  • Legal Framework of the Food Industry
  • Cocina Mexicana II
  • Human Resource Management
  • Frances I
  • Ingles IV
  • Advanced Seafood
  • American Kitchens
  • Foodservice marketing
  • Cocina Mexicana III
  • Composition Aesthetics
  • Frances II
  • Ingles V
  • Confectionery and Chocolate
  • Asia Kitchen
  • Organization and Business Management Gastronomicas I
  • Nutrition I
  • Decorating dining
  • Ingles VI
  • French III
  • Oenology
  • Europe and Mediterranean cuisines
  • Menu Planning
  • Organization and Management II Gastronomicas
  • Nutrition Kitchen
  • English VII
  • French IV
  • Mixology
  • Cocina Italiana
  • Thesis Seminar I
  • Nutrition II
  • Banquets
  • English VIII
  • French V
  • Development of Entrepreneurship, I
  • Thesis Seminar II
  • French Kitchen
  • Cold Kitchen
  • Vegetarian
  • Quality and Service
  • Ingles IX
  • French VI
  • Entrepreneurial Development II